The show is set in the fictional town of Bluebelle, Alabama, some place that is supposedly just outside of Mobile and a few hours from New Orleans. Everything is all sunny and cute. The women are always put together, proper, and bitches coated in sugar. There are always people dancing around the town square, community events, and you can walking to the Dixie Stop, or something like that, for a milkshake. What can I say? It’s always been a dream to live in a town with one restaurant, especially if it’s called the Rammer Jammer.

My favorite character on the show is Lemon Breeland. Lemon is your stereotypical Southern Belle. She always has her face on, her hair done, and a bevy of cute accessories

Here’s my almost affordable take on Lemon’s look. I say almost because I may have splurged a bit with my imaginary shoes, but whatevs, it’s imaginary and sparkly shoes are a dime a dozen (not really, but you can definitely find a pair at Marshall’s)

 Vintage (and a bit Conservative):Lemon is often wearing vintage dresses, particularly those with interesting necklines and cuts.

Dresses (or a flowing blouse): When Lemon isn’t wearing a dress, which is perhaps 25% of the time, she is either wearing a skirt or, on the occasion, vintage cut pants.

Cardigans: She wear’s them ALL the time!

Headbands: More often than not Lemon is wearing a headband or other hair accessory, such as a large flower clip, fascinator, or hat.

Flats:  One of the many reasons that I like Lemon’s style is because she is almost always rocking flats.

Chunky Jewelry: If Lemon isn’t wearing a chunky statement piece, she has on a traditional piece of jewelry, often a gold necklace.


Classic Makeup:  Think 50s pinup. Neutral shadow on the eyes, black liner, often with a slight wing, and bright red matte lipstick.

There are so many reasons to adore Hart of Dixie, and Lemon’s one-liners are one of the best. It’s near impossible to capture them all (you’d be better off just binging the show on Netflix), but we have captured 12 of her most fierce zingers to remember her by.

“So, I’m a southern lady. My methods of warfare are purely psychological.”

                   “You snap those fingers at me one more time, Wade, and I’ll swear to God I will chop them off that dainty little hand of yours.”

              “Cute outfit. Did you join a gang?”

I know we will all miss the dry, scraping sound of your voice against our ears.” 

“Oh my goodness I could kill you right now and not lose a wink of sleep!”

Ruby: “Oh Lemon please, you’ve never worked a day in your life”

Lemon: “I’m working hard on not slapping you silly, does that count?”


“You may be a snobby New Yorker with horrible fashion sense, but at least you have a career.”


“What self-respecting woman in the 21st century wears scrunchies?”

To George] “Excuse me, I have to go marry the ketchups. Maybe they’ll go through with it.”

Zoe: “How could I be so gullible? I’m from New York!”

Lemon: “Yes, please, remind us again!”

“I am using simple phrases because that is how you speak to mental patients.”